Finally restarting Private Beta with MVP2!

Author Erik

Date 29 - 11 -21

Reading Time 2 minutes

After a 6+ month slog to rebuild GreatAlbum with MVP2, we're finally relaunching our Private Beta today! As I in my July post, things have gone much differently during than expected in our transition from MVP1 to MVP2.  Some major changes have included:

  1. Rebuilt on top of Open Social
  2. Implemented the ability to import Google Photos... 
  3. And to organize clusters of photos into events with the click of a button
  4. Transitioned from Pantheon to AWS, due to some key Pantheon limitations
  5. Implemented a completely new user interface design

While we still have tons of bugs and feature gaps, we're excited to restart our Private Beta today and reengage with our most trusted users while we work feverishly to fix bugs and help our customers realize our dream!

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