How It Works



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Do you feel overwhelmed?

Hard to organize around events?

Can’t capture stories?











Can’t find all media spread across all your accounts & devices? 

 Difficult to share consistently
  (same groups of people)









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Imagine if you could consolidate into one place?!


Import metadata with links to where original media are still hosted 


Upload original media 







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Automatically Create Events

With tagged Media, Individuals & Places, 

based on AI-enabled pattern matching of dates, locations & faces. 















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Share stories about events 













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Share stories about individuals










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Browse and watch media by…

Event Date
Event Type


Helps in browsing media by their date, type, individuals and places






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Share with a defined Group

Events are like traditional Albums, with related Media, plus Individuals, Places, Stories & Discussions

That Content can be shared in one or more Groups, which automatically shares with all its Members









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Share with multiple Groups
















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Share with different kinds of groups each with its own sets of members. Example:

Attendees of Special Events: birthday, anniversary, graduation, celebration of life, friend outing, school play
Family & Friends:  Core Family, Extended Family, Neighborhood Friends, Childhood Friends
Organizations: Youth Sports Team, School Club, Community Service Team, Work Team, HS Graduating Class, College Graduating Class