With GreatAlbum, I'm acting out a 20 year old dream to build a website/app that enables people to collaboratively build and share rich stories about the family and friends that inspire them!


GreatAlbum is the result of an itch that I have been trying to scratch for over 20 years. Going back to the 1990s, I started taking a keen interest in the combination of genealogy - connecting the dots between family members - and family photography - capturing moments in people's lives. While researching family history, I began to discover personal notes and even memoires of ancestors telling stories about their experiences growing up, sometimes with old accompanying photographs. I thought it would be so amazing to create albums about each of these family members, that I could share with others and invite them to help expand and enrich those stories collaboratively.

This seemed like a pretty simple idea, but the more I dug into it, the more I discovered how complicated it is to pull something like this off, and why in 20 years I've never found an app or website that does this. GreatAlbum is that the beginning of it journey, and we are excited to show how this could represent a major shift in one way that people engage in social media, with more of a focus on telling stories about others, rather than sharing what they had for lunch today. ;-) 

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  • Erik Britt-Webb
  • Founder, GreatAlbum, LLC