Nine month update on GreatAlbum participation in Pioneer Incubator

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Date 19 - 09 -21

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Well, it's been just over nine months since GreatAlbum Joined the Pioneer Incubator Community and three months since our six month update In that time...

  • Weekly Updates - we've submitted updates 42 out of 43 weeks - 37 week streak
  • Our Pioneer score - has gone from 30,917 to 45,336
  • Our global rank - we broke the top 100 on 30-March to 54th in June to 15th the last two weeks
  • Our US East rank - we broke the top 50 on 26-January to 17th in June to 5th the last three weeks

We've reviewed a many Pioneer player's sites/apps multiple times and enjoyed following their progress over time. 

In that same period, I've attended over 40 weekly Pioneer Players Thursday zoom calls. While I've met with 15-20 players across these calls, in the last several months I've found a really nice rhythm with four other players in particular:

We've developed such a great bond that when Pioneer ended the weekly calls the end of August (participation had dwindled) that we've continued to hold our own call to keep each other going! 

While our rank is pretty good in the Pioneer Incubator, and we continue to get good value out of providing and receiving feedback on weekly updates, we look forward to getting MUCH MORE value from this program once we relaunch our MVP, which we're aiming to do by the end of September. More on that in one of my next posts. 

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