Business Goals Set for March 2023

Author Erik

Date 27 - 12 -22

Reading Time 5 minutes

Recently, I sat down with GreatAlbum leadership and talked about our goals for the next 3+ months, until the end of March. We've been making slow progress the last few months, as we've been completing an upgrade to OpenSocial 10.3.8 as part of our underlying foundation and making major enhancements to our integration with Google Photos. 

As we look forward, we decided to set some key goals for where we want GreatAlbum to be by the end of March. Here are some key highlights: 

  • Users

    • Invite all of Erik's 2600 target contacts

    • Get to 1000 active users, defined as at least 5 activities in a week

    • Erik seeds 10-20 albums from his relationships and media for those albums

  • Investors: Contact 50; pitch to 10

  • Partners:  Contact 20; present to 5

  • Accelerators/Incubators: Submit 5 applications; get accepted by 1

    • Pioneer - updated description, video

    • Mass Challenge Early Start-up

    • YCombinator (Spring)

    • #4? 

    • #5?

  • Have a well documented description of the key attributes of investors/partners that we are targeting

  • Venture Cafe Cambridge: work from there at least 20 days; network with others

  • Launch Public Beta on Product Hunt


In order to launch a Public Beta, we need to achieve these criteria...

App site

  • 70-80% of desired notification functionality working

  • Effective user onboard workflow, including acceptance of invitation to an album

  • User guided tour

  • Effective member invitation workflow

  • Google Photos - official partner; improvements to integration?

  • Better media gallery functionality - media tab layout, media display

Help site

  • homepage - redesign & implement

  • My content notifications - Issue, Article

  • Comment notifications

  • Issue comments

    • Remove text format selector; always use Basic HTML format

    • Remove from toolbar: source, text format

    • Add mention functionality