How It Works

Welcome! The GreatAlbum App is built to help you celebrate the lives of dear friends and family. To tell the story of a lifetime about them, whether it's an elder, contemporary or younger person. To learn more about the app, visit How it works.  To learn more about our team, visit About.

So many amazing moments in life.
So many stories that you'd love to share.

But you're moving so fast these days.
You have tens of thousands of photos & videos.
Saved on phones, computers, cloud services.
It's difficult to find, consolidate, browse and share.

So, you often just don't try to organize and share. :-( 

Imagine if you could...

Import metadata from all your photos/videos in iCloud & Google.

Pattern match based on date, location & faces; automatically create Events with tagged Media, Individuals, Places & Types.

Browse, watch, share & discuss home media, based on Events, Event Types, Individuals, Places, Likes, Favorites

This is how GreatAlbum works...

Events are like traditional Albums, with related Media, plus they tag Individuals, Places, Event Types

Events & their content can be shared in or more Albums, which are like traditional Groups, with membership-based security

Members contribute Media & Stories linked to common Events, Individuals & Places

You can imagine all kinds of useful Albums:

  • Celebration - Anniversary, Birthday, Retirement, Death
  • Core Family - detailed individual/family events
  • Family Tree - shared with extended family including all your ancestors
  • Youth Sports Team - media/stories of games/events across seasons and years
  • Class Reunion - with events from then and now do you get started? 

Create an Album

Invite family and friends to become Members

While auto-creating events based on pattern-matching of media isn't available yet, you can manually create events that you'd like to share:

  • Specify Date and Place
  • Identify Individuals who participated 
  • Add Media - either upload from your computer, or import from Google Photos

Then you and other Album Members can share Stories and Discussions about these Events.